Sam Transforms Oceans 52

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When Sam relocated from London looking for a new challenge, he bought a traditional chip shop and restaurant, Oceans 52 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. Gathering the knowledge he needed through NFFF courses as well as working alongside award winners in the industry, he set about completely revamping the business.

At the centre was a new Hewigo High Efficiency range.

“Hewigo not only supplied a marvellous range but have been helpful in our development”

The restrictions placed by Covid-19 proved not to be a huge stumbling block.

“Naturally we had to close the restaurant but remained open on the take away and adapted with the installation of a Click & Collect”.

“Our Reputation has been growing fast with regular customers coming from further afield and are now recognized as one of the best in the Isle of Axholme.”

What's New?

Crystal Heated serving counter

Here the top counter can be inset with glass, often with a crystal ‘crazed’ effect that is colour-lit by LED from below. The visual effect is most unusual and also means the top of the counter is warm to the touch.

Crystal Heated Serving Counter

Intelligent Chip Box

Almost all chip-box heating is controlled by Simmerstat. This works on electrical resistance which may result in the need for constant control by the operator and an uneven temperature. Hewigo have introduced a thermostatically controlled heat box which detects temperature and controls automatically to a pre-set value. We have combined this with a fan heater to provide more even distribution of heat within the chip box. The result is a better product.